They were amazing. Very professional and fast. I was very satisfied. I thank you all. Amazing law firm.


Mr. Hoffer and his team are amazing. They’ll fight hard for you. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great litigation lawyer.


The entire experience was great! They are very communicative and answered any questions or concerns I had they were kind and understood how my case effected me.


Attorney Hoffer really goes to bat for his clients. Would definitely recommend


Great practice start to finish. Michael and his team are true professionals. Nice to feel like you’re in good hands. Thanks.


The Hoffer & Webb team were amazing! They were there through the entire experience and helped make a horrible experience much easier to deal with. The entire team was so helpful, polite, and supportive!


I was hurt in a car wreck that wasn’t my fault. I needed an injury lawyer who knew how to fight the insurance company and who would understand my situation. I was referred to Michael Hoffer, and he and his team got a settlement for me that I was very satisfied with. He took the time to explain the process and helped me every step of the way.


We felt like one of their family members.  Every phone call (no matter how many) was met with the utmost patience! They were very thorough and helped us achieve the best settlement that we could. Mr. Hoffer was unwilling to take the easy way out! We sincerely appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that was put into our case!


After our daughter was in a very traumatic car accident and required emergency surgery as well as many other services such as physical therapy, trauma/ptsd therapy, and follow up surgeries we were completely at ease with Mr Hoffer and his team taking over. There is no way my husband and I could have kept up with all the medical bills, surgeries, anesthesiologists, surgery centers, etc.

we would’ve been in collections months ago. Her legal team did absolutely everything for us. They dealt with the medical and car insurances, stopped bills from going to collections, made all the calls, kept us updated on progress, called and checked on our daughter, called and checked on me. I cannot thank them enough for everything they did and recommend their services to anyone seeking counsel.


Michael went above and beyond to take care of us. He was very straight forward at the beginning with how everything was going to play out. Payment, details, and important information was all handled very carefully with full transparency. Micheal became like family to us and we will cherish that! I highly recommend Micheal and Hoffer Trial Lawyers to anyone seeking honest help and trustworthiness the whole way through!


Listen! My case was not life changing money but Mary Paige made me feel like it was. She included me in all decisions and made sure the choice was mine. Never let me give up on my own case and was so productive, professional and caring. At the beginning of my case, I also spoke with Mr. Hoffer who was also the nicest guy. We had a couple of hurdles but nothing we could not overcome. BEST FOOT FORWARD awards goes to…H&W, LLC. NO doubt.


I came to Mary Paige Gray in a panic with a week left before my hearing. She worked relentlessly to come up with many strategies we could use as well as developing paperwork. It felt like she genuinely cared about my case and took the time to reach out to me making sure we were always on the same page! With Mary’s help I was able to get the justice I deserved!

I highly recommend going to Mary if you need any legal assistance!


I cannot explain fully how amazing the staff is here, especially Mary Paige and Robyn. They helped me with my restraining order and divorce. I had little to no hope for what the outcome would be. They guided me the whole way and never imagined the outcome would be in the favor of my children and I. I prayed for someone to help me thru this difficult time in life and was beyond blessed.  It took 2 years for my divorce to be finalized and their patience, empathy, and attention to detail never waivered. I mostly worked with Mary Paige and even had to go to court an additional time for back child support.

When I first found them, I was a very damaged woman by trauma, abuse, and full of fear. Smiling on the outside, and deeply traumatized on the inside. Just their support alone helped me to put one foot in front of the other. Today, we live in peace, and moving forward with confidence, new strength and a new family in the Hoffer & Webb team.
I 1000% recommend this firm. If you want someone you can trust, look no further. You will have the whole team working in your best interest. They operate in a spirit of Excellence!


Last year, I worked with Mary Paige Gray of Hoffer & Webb on a Title IX case at a university. …It was difficult finding a lawyer to help me out with my case, presumably because there are not many Title IX lawyers in this state. But when I found Mary Paige, I knew very quickly that I was in safe and strong hands. From our very first meeting, she was very direct and clear about the options we had, and what her professional opinion was. Throughout our entire time working together, Mary Paige was excellent about communication – she would respond very quickly, be thorough in her responses, and most importantly (in my opinion), she was always incredibly honest.

I never felt like I was being steered in a bad direction or like any information was being held from me. Further, Mary Paige always listened to me and would make sense of my disorganized thoughts when I wasn’t able to. She was extremely organized, precise, sophisticated, and knowledgable. Whether during preparation work or the hearing itself, Mary Paige was sharp, confident, and extremely perceptive. The legal advice/counsel she provided me with last year wound up being crucial to not only my case, but my personal healing and recovery. She helped me find, and use, the voice that was taken from me.

That is Mary Paige as a lawyer. She is just as exceptional as a person. I found all of her skills and knowledge to be incredibly helpful, of course, but more than that, she was just so kind, compassionate, and thoughtful. I knew she actually cared about my case. During the most chaotic and traumatic time in my own life, her support and kindness (and her counsel, of course) proved to be a real lifeline for me. I think a lot of people can be weary of lawyers, especially if they have not required their services before. I was too! But when I began working with Mary Paige, my only regret was that I had not found her sooner…