For most people, insurance is something you buy and then forget about it. You pay your premiums for months, perhaps years, and you assume that your insurance company will provide the coverage they paid for when something happens. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Insurance companies are for-profit corporations that prioritize their bottom line over their policyholder’s needs. If you have questions about your insurance coverage or are involved in a dispute, Hoffer Trial Lawyers, LLC can help.

Making Sense of Your Insurance Policy

Insurance policies are notoriously tricky for laypeople to understand and interpret. The insurance agent may not even know the policy as well as you thought when the insurance company denies coverage for something the agent claimed was covered. Your policy’s technical, obtuse language gives the insurance company an unfair advantage when you rely on them to pay your claim.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in reading and interpreting insurance policies. When a claim arises, the first thing we do to help our clients is to thoroughly review their policy and explain to them precisely what is covered and what is not. In a specific situation, what is covered may not be as black-and-white as your insurance company would have you believe. From there, HTL can help you understand your options, including pushing back against a denial of coverage.

Bad Faith Claims

As suggested above, the insurance company does not always have your best interests. Occasionally, they will act in bad faith by either unreasonably delaying or denying your claim. This can include the following:

  • Delays in investigating your claim
  • Requiring you to submit repetitive, unnecessary, or burdensome documentation
  • Failing or delaying paying your claim
  • Refusal to accept your claim
  • Denial of your claim without adequate justification

When an insurance company acts in bad faith, the policyholder can face a difficult financial situation. HTL can level the playing field. We work with policyholders whose claims have been denied, punishing against bad faith insurance practices. As litigators, we are always prepared to file suit, pursuing claims for the underlying issue and bad faith.

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