Family is the foundation of many of our lives. Because of that, domestic issues are often so difficult and emotionally impacting that they can affect our work, social lives, and mental and physical health. Issues at home have an emotional impact like few other problems. Accordingly, when looking for legal representation to assist you with a family law matter, it is crucial for your counsel to understand that these types of problems can be devastating when not appropriately handled. Whether working through a divorce or custody issue, getting the right help at the right time can help you resolve the problem so that you and your family can be on the fast track to a happier, healthier future. If you need family law representation, Hoffer Trial Lawyers, LLC can help you overcome whatever challenges you may be facing.


The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one. Sometimes, clients come to us unsure if divorce is the right course of action. We walk them through their options, explain the potential outcomes, and provide them with what it may cost regarding time and money. We provide candid, practical legal advice focused on helping our clients do what is right for their specific situation – including deciding whether or not divorce is the right answer for them.

However, many times our clients come to us already having decided to divorce. This is an important step in their process, but only the beginning. We help our clients understand what they may be able to expect in terms of litigation, the division of their marital property, support obligations, and custody of any children. Part of this process involves determining what a client’s priorities are or should be as many practical decisions need to be made, such as living arrangements, what to tell children and family members, joining the workforce or changing careers, and what people or resources someone may need to help them transition into her or her new life.

Whether your divorce or child custody issue is amicable or adversarial, HTL provides personalized representation to meet each client’s unique situation and needs. We’re seasoned negotiators with extensive litigation experience, and our clients rely on us to protect what matters most to them, both in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. Whether you are considering divorce or have already decided it is your only option, we can help you navigate the process toward a better outcome.

Child Custody

Child custody can be one of the most difficult problems to untangle. Deciding how custody should be shared among parents can not only be emotionally difficult but can also pose significant practical and financial concerns. Ultimately, child custody discussions should aim to arrive at an arrangement that serves the child’s best interests. Unfortunately, one or both parents often lose sight of this goal. The result is that the court may make the final decision on a custody arrangement, ending in an arrangement no one wants or can manage.

We are fierce advocates for our clients and their children. However, we provide candid advice on what you can expect to achieve in your custody arrangement. We will not waste your time or money fighting for an unlikely outcome. We work closely with you to determine the best arrangements for you and your child and then aggressively press forward to achieve the best possible outcome. Along the way, we can help you identify and manage potential practical issues such as transportation, after-school activities, and holidays. As skilled litigators, we’re always prepared to go to court, but we work hard to achieve a quick and amicable resolution to the custody challenge.

Other Types of Family Law Matters We Handle

Of course, family law encompasses more than just divorce and child custody. Our team is positioned to provide experienced legal counsel in all areas of family law, including child and spousal support, property division, and pre-and post-nuptial agreements.

We work with all types of domestic clients – including:

  • Individuals who are divorcing later in life and those who have been married a short amount of time;
  • Individuals with significant assets or complex financial situations and individuals with few or no assets;
  • Unmarried parents, step-parents, divorced parents, and married parents;
  • Those seeking an uncontested divorce and those with a highly contested split on the horizon.

Whatever your situation, we can identify potential issues, help you understand your options, and work with you to develop a laser-focused strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.

Uncontested Family Law Matters

Even if you think your situation can be resolved amicably, an experienced family law attorney can help identify potential issues that need to be addressed to protect you from unforeseen negative consequences of entering uncontested settlement or custody agreements.

Sometimes, clients reach out to our firm requesting a review of a settlement agreement they have already drafted with their soon-to-be former spouse. Invariably, there are portions of those agreements that leave our clients exposed or favor one spouse. While sometimes not intentionally drafted in a way to negatively affect one spouse, individuals may sign agreements with language or arrangements that can adversely affect them financially or familially. Even if you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement amicably, consulting with or retaining HTL can help protect you from unknowingly agreeing to language that favors your former partner or potential exposure in the event your amicable split turns sour.

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